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13 Jun, 2022 /
Dr. Felix Guntermann (GTAI)
Ethiopia pushes ahead with privatisation of the sugar industry
With the establishment of the Ethiopian Sugar Industry Group (ESIG) in March 2022, Ethio...
08 Jun, 2022 /
Samira Akrach - GTAI
Swiss machine builder active in Ghana's cocoa sector
Swiss machine builder active in Ghana's cocoa sector Ghana, along with Côte d'Ivoire...
02 Jun, 2022
Sharp growth: Iran agrofood 2022 covering 18 halls with 450+ exhibitors from 18 countries
The decades-long success story of Iran agrofood as the most important agrofood platform ...
31 May, 2022
plast & printpack alger 2022: The powerful restart for the Algerian plast & printpack industry
“Recycling of plastics and packaging material - Algeria on the way to a circular econo...
23 Feb, 2022
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Kenya is the second largest importer of food & beverage process and packaging technology in East & Central Africa

Kenya‘s food industry is among the most diversified in sub-Saharan Africa. At present, massive investments are being made in the baking, meat processing and beverage industry. The demand for finished food products is expanding. In recent years, fast food chains have discovered the Kenyan market needing a functioning supply chain. The revival of local food production and the „Made-in Kenya“-trend confirm the political will to expand local food production.

With imports of 627 million euros in process and packaging technology between 2014 and 2018 (VDMA), Kenya is the second largest importing country of such technologies in East & Central Africa, right after Ethiopia with 693 million euros.
Source: VDMA
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